Which Canon Camera to Buy in 2020? Best Canon Mirrorless Cameras

Canon released a couple of interesting mirrorless cameras lately, and it seems that this isn’t going to change anytime soon. Canon is dominating DSLR sales although they are still pretty new to the full-frame mirrorless market. However, it seems the Japanese company is serious about it, as we can see from the excellent RF lenses (for their full-frame mirrorless cameras) that they’ve released so far. In this guide, we’re going over some of the best Canon mirrorless cameras, both full-frame and APS-C models.  Whether you’re just a beginner, enthusiast or an advanced user, we’re going to cover the best Canon cameras you can buy in 2020. Keep in mind we’ll be updating this article throughout the year, as new models arrive.

which canon mirrorless camera buy

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Full-Frame vs APS-C Canon Mirrorless Cameras and Which One to Get

Canon’s full-frame and APS-C mirrorless cameras are quite a bit different. Unlike Sony cameras, they don’t share the same lens mount. Their full-frame cameras use RF mount and lenses, while their APS-C cameras use EF-M mount. Canon full-frame cameras like EOS R and EOS RP are aimed at enthusiasts and professionals. Camera bodies are more robust, the sensor performs better in low-light and you’re able to get that subject separation and blurry backgrounds. Of course, the lenses for this system are incredible as well.

If you’re just starting out, then our suggestion would be to get one of Canon’s EOS M cameras with the smaller APS-C sensor. They are cheaper, but still offer image quality and solid video performance. Not only that, but lenses are significantly lighter and cheaper for this system. However, they definitely aren’t built for serious/professional use. With all this in mind, let’s start with our favorite cameras.

Canon EOS R – Best Canon Mirrorless Camera

eos r best canon mirrorless camera

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The EOS R is Canon’s first take at a full-frame mirrorless camera. It was released in late 2018 and it packs a 30MP sensor, like the one found in their flagship DSLR (EOS 5D Mark IV). Pair that with 5,655 phase-detection AF points and Canon’s well-known Dual Pixel AF and the result is a camera that rarely misses a subject, whether you’re shooting photos or video. Speaking of video, the EOS R can record really beautiful 4K at up to 30 fps with C-log, however, there’s a 1.74x crop. There’s no crop in 1080p and you can go up to 60 fps.

Unlike mirrorless cameras from some other manufacturers like Sony, the EOS R doesn’t have in-body image stabilization. This means you’ll be relying on lens stabilization instead and truth be told, a lot of new Canon RF glass optical image stabilization and it works great. The camera also comes with a high-resolution viewfinder and a 3.15-inch fully articulating screen, which is a very welcome feature, especially among videographers. If you want the best mirrorless camera Canon has to offer, this is currently the one to get.

Canon EOS R Pros

  • Great sensor
  • Excellent Dual Pixel Autofocus (works in 4K too)
  • Fully articulating screen
  • Good menu system and physical controls

Canon EOS R Cons

  • No in-body image stabilization
  • Severe crop when shooting 4K videos
  • One memory card slot

Canon EOS RP – Best Budget Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

eos rp budget fullframe mirrorless camera

image source: Canon

The EOS RP was released several months after the EOS R, and it represents Canon’s entry-level mirrorless camera. It’s quite a bit smaller than its older sibling and is actually one of the smallest full-frame mirrorless cameras. If having a compact setup is important to you (e.g. you plan on using this camera a lot while traveling) and you want a full-frame sensor, this camera is a great choice.

For photography, we believe this is an excellent camera with its 26MP sensor and excellent Dual Pixel AF. It’s also decent for videography as it has a fully articulating screen and great 1080p videos at up to 60 with Dual Pixel AF. However, there are two things we don’t like about using this camera for video. There’s a pretty big crop in 4K (1.6x) and more importantly, Dual Pixel Autofocus is disabled when shooting in 4K. Considering the price of this camera, we think it offers a lot of value and is a great choice for enthusiasts photographers and videographers who want the excellent low-light performance of a full-frame sensor.

Canon EOS RP Pros

  • Very affordable
  • Great Dual Pixel Autofocus
  • Fully articulating screen
  • Very small for a full-frame mirrorless camera
  • Good menu system

Canon EOS RP Cons

  • No in-body image stabilization
  • Big crop when shooting 4K videos
  • No Dual Pixel Autofocus in 4K

Canon EOS M6 Mark II – APS-C Mirrorless Camera for Enthusiasts

canon m6 mark ii mirrorless camera enthusiasts

image source: Canon

The EOS M6 Mark II was released in late 2019 and is an update to the older M6 APS-C mirrorless camera. Canon created a brand new 32.5MP sensor for it, which is much better than any other EOS M sensor we’ve seen so far. Besides the excellent sensor, the M6 Mark II features 14 fps burst shooting, 4K video at 30 fps (with Dual Pixel AF) and 1080p video recording at up to 120 fps.

If you’re an amateur with a somewhat bigger budget or an enthusiast, investing in this camera is definitely a solid choice. The M6 II is a big leap forward in the EOS M lineup and in some ways it’s even better than its more expensive full-frame cousin (EOS RP). For example, it can record 4K videos with Dual Pixel AF enabled. There are quite a few EF-M lenses and most of them will be able to take advantage of the new 32.5MP sensor, and Sigma recently released their excellent trio of APS-C lenses for EF-M mount – 16mm f/1.4, 30mm f/1.4 and 56mm f/1.4. If you love lightweight cameras and have no desire of getting a full-frame sensor camera, the EOS M6 Mark II is a great choice!

Canon EOS M6 Mark II Pros

  • Excellent 32.5M sensor
  • 4K video recording with Dual Pixel AF
  • 14 fps burst shooting
  • Compact
  • Pretty affordable

Canon EOS M6 Mark II Cons

  • No weather sealing
  • Comes with a flip-up screen instead of a fully-articulating one

Canon EOS M50 – Best Canon Mirrorless Camera for Beginners

m50 best canon camera beginners

image source: Dan Gold

If you’re a beginner or simply need a budget mirrorless camera, Canon’s EOS M50 is one of the best options in our opinion. The camera has a 24MP APS-C sensor, good autofocus, a fully articulating screen. On top of that, the camera is affordable, menus are easy to use, and there’s a decent selection of native EF-M lenses that are pretty affordable.

Aspiring videographers will be happy to hear that this camera is capable of recording 4K at up to 30 fps, along with 1080p video at up to 60 fps. Unfortunately, Dual Pixel Autofocus is limited to photos and 1080p videos. If you want to shoot 4K, you’re stuck with contrast-based autofocus, which is solid but nowhere near as good as Dual Pixel AF.

Overall, we believe this camera offers a lot of value for the price and is a great tool for learning. Canon EOS M50 is also pretty compact, making it a perfect travel companion.

Canon EOS M50 Pros

  • Great autofocus
  • 4K video recording
  • Compact
  • Cheap
  • Fully articulating screen

Canon EOS M50 Cons

  • No Dual Pixel AF in 4K
  • No weather sealing

Which Canon mirrorless camera to buy is the question we often get asked on Instagram and our other social media accounts, which is exactly why we decided to write this guide. We hope that you found it useful and that it helped you pick the right Canon camera for your needs.