Sony A7III Is Selling More Than Canon R, RP and Nikon Z6 Combined (in Japan)

According to data collected by BCN in Japan during March and April, Sony A7III is the best selling entry-level full frame mirrorless camera. The data was collected from numerous retailers from the entire country. As you can see from the graph below, Canon EOS RP had a pretty good start at the beginning of March, but sales started declining shortly after, and have recently fallen below 15%. Sales of Canon EOS R are hovering above 10%, while the Z6 is actually seeing an increase in sales in the latest weeks.

sony a7iii sales japan

image source: bcnretail

However, the real champion here is the Sony A7III, which crossed 40% mark recently. This means that more A7III bodies are now selling than Canon EOS R, EOS RP, and Nikon Z6 cameras combined. A quick glance at the list of best selling cameras on Amazon confirms that the situation may not be that different in the U.S., although Amazon doesn’t release exact sales numbers.

(via SAR)