Rumor: Are These Canon RS(R5) Specs?

A rumor that Canon is working on a high-resolution mirrorless camera has been floating around in the past. They’ve released some amazing RF glass recently, so a higher-resolution camera definitely makes sense. According to Canon Rumors and their sources, Canon will announce the RS (or R5 as one source called it) soon and they’re going all out with this camera.

canon working on 75mp eos rs

image source: Eriks Abzinovs on Unsplash

The specs, which you can read below seem too good to be true so we take it with a grain of salt. However, if Canon does indeed releases a camera with these features, we bet it’s going to sell extremely well. Check out the specifications below.

Canon EOS RS Specs:

  • 40MP or 45MP
  • IBIS (5-stops with lenses without IS and 7-8 stops if you use a lens with image stabilization)
  • 14fps / 20fps
  • It will have a scroll wheel on the back of the device
  • Larger capacity battery, but looks like the LP-E6
  • 8K @ 30fps RAW
  • 4K @ 120fps
  • 4K @ 60fps
  • Information about the crop factor was confusing

We find it difficult to believe that these video features are real (only one source mentioned them), but if they are – Canon definitely has a winner on its hands. According to Canon Rumors, the Japanese company is planning to announce the new EOS RS ahead of CP+ next month. If that’s true, we won’t have to wait very long to find if these specs are real…