Fujifilm Will Cancel Its X-E Line of Mirrorless Cameras

According to a recent report by Fuji Rumors, it appears Fujifilm is planning to stop updating its line of X-E mirrorless cameras.

fujifilm cancel x-e cameras

pictured above: X-E3 / image source: Fujifilm

The last camera in this lineup, the X-E3, was released in September 2017 and its fans have been anticipating the X-E4 for a while now. However, if Fuji Rumors’ sources are correct, the Japanese company is not working on a new model.

Fuji X-E cameras are very compact yet powerful, but it appears their similarity to their other cameras like X-T30 and X-T20 was resulting in poor sales. Unfortunately, although Fujifilm has yet to make an official statement, it seems that Fuji is not going to release the X-E4.

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