Fujifilm Announces X-Pro3

Fujifilm today announced a new mirrorless camera in their APS-C lineup – the X-Pro3. The camera is aimed mainly at photographers, especially those reminiscing about the old analog cameras. It sports the same 26MP X-Trans sensor found in the X-T3 and X-T30 and, of course, features all of Fujifilm’s film simulations along with a new one called Classic Negative. It is the company’s first camera to use strong yet lightweight titanium, which provides great portability and durability. Speaking of portability, the camera weighs just 17.5oz (497g).

fuji x-pro3

image source: Fujifilm

The camera’s unique “Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder” that allows you to switch between the OVF and EVF also got an upgrade. The EVF now uses a 3.69-million-dot panel with a maximum luminance of 1500cd/m2. The camera now features two screens on the back – a tilting touchscreen LCD that fits flush on the rear side of the camera body and can be flipped 180 degrees, along with a small 1.28-inch screen that displays selected Film Simulation or shutter speed, aperture, and other settings.

The X-Pro3 comes in three colors – black, DR black and DR silver. The last two colors have Duratect coating applied which helps against scratches. Fujifilm’s new camera will be in stores in late November and will retail for $1,699.

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