Fujifilm Announces Two New Cameras – GFX 100S and X-E4

Fujifilm has unveiled their first two mirrorless cameras of 2021 – a pretty compact (for a medium-format camera) GFX 100S, along with an extremely compact APS-C camera called the X-E4.

fujifilm gfx 100s announced
image source: Fujifilm

The GFX100S features the same 102MP sensor as its older brother (GFX 100), but the body is smaller and lighter thanks to re-engineered IBIS system, amongst other things. Not only is the IBIS smaller but it should also have slightly better performance than GFX 100’s in-body image stabilization system.

The new camera is also more affordable at $5,999 but that means Fujifilm had to downgrade certain components. For example, the GFX100S features the same OLED viewfinder like the X-T4 (3.69M dots and 0.77x magnification). It also uses the same battery as the X-T4.

When it comes to video, the GFX 100S is capable of 4K recording at up to 30 fps in both H.265 and H.264 (at up to 400 Mbit/s). It can also transfer 12-bit RAW footage to an external recorder.

Fujifilm GFX 100S should start shipping in March with a recommended sales price of $5,999 for the body.

The second camera Fujifilm unveiled is the X-E4, a rangefinder-style mirrorless camera that packs the same 26MP APS-C sensor and processor as the X-T4 and X-S10. Unlike these two cameras, however, the X-E4 doesn’t have image stabilization or the fully-articulating screen. The X-E4’s screen can tilt-up to face you though.

fujifilm xe4 announced
image source: Fujifilm

The design of the X-E4 is similar to the previous models, but Fuji made it even flatter so it can fit into pockets more easily. It is also the lightest camera in their current lineup, weighing just 364 grams or 12.8 oz.

The X-E4 has same AF performance as the X-T4 and it also packs identical video recording capabilities as the X-S10. It can shoot 4K video at up to 30 fps and 1080p video at up to 240 fps. Just like the X-S10, it features a 2.36M dot viewfinder with 0.62x magnification.

Fujifilm X-E4 will retail for $849 and should start shipping in early March. You can also get it paired with a new weather-resistant XF 27mm f/2.8 R WR lens for $1049.