Fuji X-T4 – What We Know So Far

As you may be aware, Fujifilm is planning to announce the X-T4 on February 26. In the last couple of days we had some pretty interesting leaks regarding the new camera, so let’s take a look at all the features we may expect from the upcoming Fuji mirrorless camera.

fuji x-t4 specs

pictured above: X-T3 / image source: Fujifilm

According to FujiRumors, the X-T4 will be slightly heavier and bigger. It will also feature the same sensor and processor as the X-T3, but it’s going to have IBIS, digital image stabilization, support for 240 fps in 1080p, bigger battery and much more! Here’s are the most important Fuji X-T4 specs:

  • 26 MP sensor (same as X-T3)
  • X-Processor 4
  • IBIS with up to 6.5 stops of image stabilization
  • Digital image stabilization, which will work together with IBIS and OIS
  • Flippy touchscreen with 1.62m dots (vs 1.04m on the X-T3)
  • 15 fps burst shooting (vs 11fps on the X-T3)
  • Deeper buffer
  • Bigger battery (2350 mAh or 2200 mAh)
  • Size: 134.6 x 92.8 x 63.8 mm (vs 132,5 × 92.8 × 58.8 mm on the X-T3)
  • Weight: 607g (vs 539 g on the X-T3)
  • Expected retail price: $1,699

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