Fuji Releases X-T20 and X100F Cameras and 50mm F2 Lens

Fuji released two new cameras today, the X-T20 and X100F. These cameras are successors to their popular midrange cameras X-T10 and X100T. They share similar designs, but internals have changed quite a bit. Both cameras received a new¬†sensor, which was introduced last year with Fuji’s high-end cameras like X-Pro2 and X-T2.

fuji x100f

The X100F has the same fixed 23mm F2 lens like its predecessor, but gains a few features, including a shutter speed and ISO dial, as well as a rear joystick found on the X-Pro2.

fuji x-t20

Unlike the X100F, the X-T20 is an interchangeable lens camera, which means it’s much more versatile. It doesn’t have a rear joystick, but the X-T20 does feature a touchscreen. It can also shoot beautiful video in 4K resolution, which is a great achievement considering this is a pretty small and lightweight mirrorless camera.

Fuji also announced the new 50mm F2 WR X-mount lens, which is a more compact and cheaper alternative to its popular 56mm F1.2 lens. The lens will be available in February for $449.95.

The X100F will be available in black and silver and is going to be priced at $1,299.95, while the X-T20 is going to cost $899.95 for the body alone and $999.95 with the 16-50mm kit lens.

You can preorder both of these cameras below:

Fuji X-T20 Black – Amazon

Fuji X-T20 Silver – Amazon

Fuji X100F Black – Amazon

Fuji X100F Silver – Amazon

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