First Real World Photo of the Upcoming EOS R5

The first photo of the upcoming EOS R5 in the wild has been published by Newswitch, and it features the upcoming camera with an RF 24-70mm f/2.8L lens.

upcoming canon eos r5

image source: Newswitch

Canon has announced the development of EOS R5 about two weeks ago, and it’s going to feature some impressive specs including 8K video recording, IBIS, and up to 20 fps burst shooting in stills mode when using silent shutter (12 fps with the mechanical shutter). From the photo, it appears that the camera is very similar in design to the EOS R. It may be slightly bigger, but we won’t know until Canon releases more specs.

According to Newswitch, Canon plans to release the new camera before the Tokyo Olympics 2020 in July. Here’s a partials translation of the Newswitch article (via Canonwatch):

Canon has decided to launch the EOS R5, a full-size mirrorless camera under development compatible with 8K video shooting, as early as possible before the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. The support system for equipment rental and maintenance is planned to be the largest ever sport event. For professionals, single-lens reflex cameras are mainly used, but use of mirrorless, which is excellent in quietness and weight reduction, is also progressing. The Tokyo Olympics aims to exceed 70% in the use of news cameras.

Finally, the EOS R5 should be on display at the 2020 WPPI Show (February 25-27) in Las Vegas, so we’re hoping to learn more about the upcoming camera during this event.

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