Canon EOS R – 19 Things You Should Know (FAQ)

The EOS R is Canon’s first full-frame mirrorless camera to hit the market. It was released in late 2018 and features a 30MP sensor, Canon’s amazing Dual Pixel Autofocus that got even better with recent firmware updates, 4K video recording (although with a crop), and a very useful fully-articulating screen. It’s an excellent choice for hybrid shoots (people who want to shoot both photos and videos). Canon is constantly releasing brand new lenses for its new RF mount, and the lineup is getting much better by the month. Alright, with some basic information about the camera out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about the EOS R that we get and answer them.

canon eos r faq

image source: Canon

When was Canon EOS R released?

The EOS R was released in October 2018.

Does Canon EOS R have image stabilization?

No, the EOS R doesn’t have in-body image stabilization. That being said, many lenses in the RF-mount lineup have optical image stabilization.

Is the EOS R weather-sealed?

Yes, Canon EOS R has weather sealing. And while the EOS RP has weather sealing as well, it is inferior to that of the EOS R, which is completely understandable considering the price.

Is Canon EOS R a full-frame camera?

Yes, the EOS R has a 30MP full-frame sensor.

What is the crop factor when shooting video on the EOS R?

This is a full-frame camera so, of course, there’s no crop factor when you’re shooting photos. However, when you’re in 4K video mode, Canon EOS R applies a 1.75x crop which is a bit unfortunate. There is no crop in 1080p.

Does Canon EOS R have a touchscreen?

Yes, and it is very good. Unlike some cameras that only allow you to focus using the touchscreen, on the EOS R you can use it for pretty much everything including menus.

Is the EOS R a DSLR?

No, although Canon is famous for its DSLRs, this is actually a mirrorless camera. Notably, it’s the first full-frame mirrorless camera they released. Generally, mirrorless cameras are much more compact and come with an electronic viewfinder instead of an optical one. This helps because you can preview your exposure, depth of field and have additional information displayed on the EVF.

How long does the battery last on the EOS R?

Canon EOS R uses a bigger battery than the EOS RP. This allows it to shoot up to 370 still on a single charge and up to 560 if you’re using Eco mode.

What SD card to buy for Canon EOS R?

The EOS R has one SD card slot and it supports fast UHS-II memory cards, which we definitely suggest you buy. One of our favorite choices is Lexar Professional 2000X 128GB SDXC Uhs-II Card, but if you need additional info, we suggest checking out our article on the best SD cards for Canon EOS R.

What type of photography is EOS R good for?

Canon EOS R is an excellent choice for pretty much any type of photography that you can think of. It’s great for landscapes, portraits, weddings, astrophotography and more. It’s also an OK choice for action and sports photography, but we wish it had better burst shooting capabilities.

Is the EOS R good for video?

The EOS R produces beautiful video and its autofocus is amazing while you’re recording video as well. One thing that we don’t like about it is the aforementioned crop factor in 4K video. If you want the full-frame look, you’ll have to shoot 1080p with this camera.

Does Canon EOS R have a mic input?

Yes, and we highly suggest investing in an external microphone (such as an on-camera mic) if you’re serious about shooting video. Check out our article on the best microphone for Canon EOS R to learn more.

Does the EOS R have a headphone jack?

Yes, Canon EOS R has a headphone jack.

What mount is Canon EOS R?

The EOS R uses Canon’s newly developed RF mount. Initially, Canon released four lenses for this mount but they have released many new lenses since and the future roadmap is looking great.

What lenses to buy for Canon EOS R?

This is not an easy question to answer without knowing more about the type of photography or videography you’re interested in. However, for most users, one of the best overall lenses is the RF 24-105mm f/4. If you’re working with a bigger budget, then our suggestion would be the RF 24-70mm f/2.8 lens. Both of these lenses cover extremely useful focal lengths and can be used in almost all situations.

Can you use Canon EOS R with EF lenses?

Yes, one of the best things about mirrorless cameras is the fact that you can use older glass. However, in order to use EF lenses with Canon EOS R, you’ll need one of these adapters.

  • Canon Mount Adapter EF – EOS R (standard adapter)
  • Canon Mount Adapter EF – EOS R (with control ring for quick access to camera functions)

Which gimbal should you get for Canon EOS R?

Like we previously mentioned, the EOS R doesn’t have in-body image stabilization. If you’re serious about video and want smooth footage, we highly suggest grabbing a gimbal for your camera. Here are some of our favorites:

  • DJI Ronin-S
  • DJI Ronin-SC
  • Zhiyun Weebil S

Canon EOS R vs EOS RP?

The EOS RP is lighter and quite a bit cheaper than the EOS R, but there’s a reason for that. Canon EOS R has many more features, starting with a higher resolution sensor (30MP vs 26MP). It also sports a better EFV, bigger battery, larger touchscreen, and it has Dual Pixel Autofocus when you’re shooting in 4K, which isn’t the case with the RP. Canon EOS R also features better weather sealing and faster USB port compared to its cheaper sibling.

Hopefully, this article helped you learn more things about the EOS R. We hope that you found the answer to your question.