Best Way to Add a Microphone to Sony A6400 for Vlogging

sony a6400 microphone relocation plate vlogging

image source: Jason Vong

Sony A6400 is an excellent budget mirrorless camera, and we already named it the best mirrorless camera for vloggers in 2019 thanks to its lightweight body, excellent autofocus, and a screen that can flip-up to face you. However, what happens if you don’t want to use the internal microphone and need to get higher quality audio via an external mic, such as Rode VideoMicro? Well, when you attach it to the hot shoe, you’ll notice that it will almost completely block the screen.

There is a quite interesting and affordable solution to this problem that hybrid shooter and YouTuber Jason Vong found. You can check it out in the video below:

Essentially, Jason uses a SmallRig Cold Shoe Relocation Plate, which will work both on the A6400, as well as A6300. This useful product will relocate the external microphone to the top right side of your camera, which means the screen won’t be blocked when you flip it up. The plate has a rubber pad on the bottom, which will protect the original hot shoe and if you want some extra security, you can attach it to the side of the camera using the provided screws. The plate is pretty lightweight, so it won’t affect the weight of your setup too much and it also doesn’t block any of the dials.

The Cold Shoe Relocation Plate will cost $19 when released and is currently available for preorder via SmallRig website, but we’ll make sure to add Amazon links to this article as well as soon as it becomes available.