Best SD Cards for Fuji X100V

Fuji X100V is the newest camera in Fuji’s X100 lineup of fixed-lens cameras, and it comes with many updates! It packs a 26MP X-Trans sensor that is also used in the X-T3 and X-T30, as well as a completely redesigned 23mm lens (features better corner and close-up performance). The camera now comes with a tilting screen as well, which makes taking low-angle shots much easier. That being said, let’s check out some of the best SD cards for Fuji X100V.

best sd cards fuji x100v

image source: Fujifilm / Sandisk

Best SD Memory Cards for Fuji X100V

Considering that this is essentially a compact camera, it’s not surprising that it comes with one SD card slot that supports only UHS-I cards. Of course, you can use faster UHS-II cards as well, but there wouldn’t be any benefits. However, it makes sense to buy UHS-II cards if you also own an X-T3 or a similar camera. Without further ado, here are the best memory cards for Fuji X100V.

UHS-I SD cards (ranked by write speeds):

UHS-II SD cards (ranked by write speeds):

Recommended SD Cards for 4K Video on Fuji X100V

Unlike its predecessor, the X100V is quite capable when it comes to video recording. It can shoot 4K video at up to 30 fps, along with 1080p at up to 120 fps. The maximum bitrate it uses is 200 Mbit/s (25 MB/s), which means that you should use the fastest UHS-I cards available. If you have some older cards laying around, they may not be fast enough to support constant minimum write speeds required by this codec.


If you’re looking for a fixed-lens camera that looks great and takes amazing photos and videos, Fuji X100V should be on the top of your list. We hope this article helped you choose the right SD card for this camera.

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