Best SD Cards for Fuji X-Pro3

Just like its predecessor, the X-Pro3 is aimed at lovers of old analog cameras. However, it’s not all about the looks as this camera actually features a unique EVF/OVF combo that has a mix of modern and old-school features so that everyone can use whichever viewfinder they’re most comfortable with. Fuji X-Pro3 features the same 26MP X-Trans sensor as the X-T3, along with 4K video recording at up to 30 fps (although this camera is mainly aimed at photographers), and modern autofocus. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best SD cards for Fuji X-Pro3.

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best sd cards fuji x-pro3

image source: Fujifilm / Sony

Best SD Memory Cards for Fuji X-Pro3

The X-Pro3 comes equipped with two SD card slots, and both of them support speedy UHS-II cards. Although slower and cheaper UHS-I cards will work as well, we highly suggest grabbing a UHS-II card or two for your X-Pro3 camera, especially if you plan on using the 11 fps burst shooting feature. And finally, UHS-II cards are also useful because they allow for faster file transfers from your card to the computer.

Best UHS-II SD cards for Fuji X-Pro3 (ranked by write speeds):

Sony Tough-G Series 128GB UHS-II U3 Up to 300 MB/s Up to 299 MB/s
Lexar Professional 2000X 128GB SDXC UHS-II U3 Up to 300 MB/s Up to 260 MB/s
SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB UHS-II U3 Up to 300 MB/s Up to 260 MB/s
Sony TOUGH-M series 128GB UHS-II U3 Up to 277 MB/s Up to 150 MB/s

UHS-I SD cards (ranked by write speeds):

SanDisk Extreme PRO 128GB UHS-I U3 V30 Up to 170 MB/s Up to 90 MB/s
Kingston Canvas React 128GB UHS-I U3 Up to 100 MB/s Up to 80 MB/s
Transcend 64GB UHS-I U3 Up to 95 MB/s Up to 60 MB/s

Recommended SD Cards for 4K Video on Fuji X-Pro3

Unlike the X-T3 that can record 4K at up to 60 fps and using a 400 Mbit/s (50 MB/s) codec, the X-Pro3 is limited to 30 fps and 200 Mbit/s (25 Mb/s). Essentially, better UHS-I will have absolutely no problem with this so if you have one laying around you can use it in the second slot for video recording, for example. However, if you just buying your first SD cards, we recommend grabbing UHS-II cards.


If you’re into photography and love the look of old-school cameras, the X-Pro3 is the closest thing you can get that has a very modern digital sensor and plenty of lens choices. We’re hoping this article helped you pick the right SD card for your Fujifilm X-Pro3.

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