Best SD Cards for Sony A7RIV

Sony released the A7RIV in July of 2019. If you thought the 42MP sensor found in its older cousins (A7RII and A7RIII) was impressive, we have news for you – the A7RIV packs a brand new 61MP sensor! The new model also gets faster and better autofocus as well as up to 10 fps shooting, which is quite impressive for a 61MP camera. When it comes to video, it retains 4K recording at up to 30 fps and 1080p at up to 120 fps. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best SD cards for Sony A7RIV.

best sd cards sony a7riv

image source: Sony

Best SD Memory Cards for Sony A7RIV

First of all, the A7RIV has dual memory card slots and both slots have support for UHS-II cards, unlike on the previous generation of the camera. Of course, this slot is backward compatible, meaning you can use UHS-I cards too. However, we highly suggest grabbing UHS-II cards for this 61MP monster because photos are big and can take some time to write to the card when using slower cards.

UHS-II cards

Sony SF-G High Performance 64GB UHS-II U3 Up to 300 MB/s Up to 299 MB/s
SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB UHS-II U3 Up to 300 MB/s Up to 260 MB/s
Delkin Power 64GB V90 UHS-II U3 Up to 300 MB/s Up to 250 MB/s
Transcend 64GB UHS-II U3 Up to 285 MB/s Up to 180 MB/s

UHS-I cards

SanDisk Extreme PRO 128GB UHS-I U3 V30 Up to 170 MB/s Up to 90 MB/s
Kingston Canvas React 128GB UHS-I U3 Up to 100 MB/s Up to 80 MB/s
Sony 64GB UHS-I U3 Up to 94 MB/s Up to 70 MB/s
Transcend 64GB UHS-I U3 Up to 95 MB/s Up to 60 MB/s
SanDisk Extreme Plus 64GB UHS-I U3 Up to 90 MB/s Up to 60 MB/s

Recommended SD Cards for 4K Video Recording on Sony A7RIV

Unfortunately, Sony A7RIV didn’t receive any upgrades in the video department compared to its predecessor. Like we already mentioned, it can still shoot 4K video at up to 30 fps and 1080p at up to 120 fps, and since the codec isn’t demanding at 100 Mbit/s (12.5 MB/s), you can use pretty much any UHS-I card if you’re just shooting video. However, chances are you are not going to buy this camera just for shooting video, so we recommend UHS-II cards although they’re definitely not necessary for video recording.


Sony A7RIV is one of the most amazing mirrorless cameras on the market at the moment (especially for photography) and if you plan on getting the most out of its features, we highly suggest grabbing at least one of the UHS-II memory cards mentioned above. Of course, two cards are definitely a better choice, since you can use both memory card slots in that case.

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