Best SD Cards for Sony A7RII and A7SII

The release of Sony A7RII in 2015 was without a doubt one of the most important events in the history of mirrorless cameras. It is an amazing piece of equipment, both for photo and video shooters. Sony A7SII was released a couple of months later, and is geared primarily towards video shooters who love the full frame look, as well as people who need amazing low-light performance.

best sd cards sony a7rii a7sii

Although both of these cameras feature some pretty great features, they definitely don’t shine when it comes to the speed at which they write photos and videos. The reason is simple – Sony decided to stick with USB 2.0 interface, which means write speeds are pretty limited. In the case of A7RII, write speeds top out at about 35 MB/s with some cards, while A7SII writes files even slower for some reason, at about 30 MB/s. This means you won’t benefit from having an SD card that writes at say 80 MB/s. However, buying a fast card is always worth it because you’ll be able to use it with future camera bodies that will undoubtedly support higher speeds.

Best SD Memory Cards for Sony A7RII and A7SII

Since write speeds on these Sony cameras are pretty limited, this means you won’t benefit from buying a UHS-II card instead of a UHS-I memory card. However, keep in mind that transferring files from a UHS-II card to your computer is going to be faster, since they support higher read speeds as well. With that said, here are some of the best SD cards for Sony A7RII and A7SII. Keep in mind that these memory cards are also a great choice for Sony A7II.

UHS-I cards (ranked by write speed):

UHS-II cards (ranked by write speed):

Recommended SD Cards for 4K Recording on A7RII and A7SII

If you’re going to be shooting 4K video with your Sony A7RII and A7SII, you need an SD card that is U3 capable. These cards have a guaranteed minimum writing speeds of 30 MB/s, which is more than enough for the 100 Mbit/s (12.5 MB/s) codec Sony is using in their full-frame cameras like A7RII and A7SII. However, for some odd reason, these two cameras are not compatible with every U3 memory card out there (Samsung SD cards, for example). This is why we suggest that you be very careful when buying SD cards and stick to our list above.


We hope this article helped you find a right SD card for your Sony A7RII or A7SII. Sony mirrorless cameras have many great features in very compact bodies, but the speed at which they write files is from impressive. We really hope Sony will listen to the people and include faster writing speeds or, even better, UHS-II support in their future cameras.