Best SD Cards for Canon M6 Mark II

Canon EOS M6 Mark II is an update to the M6, which was released in early 2017. It represents a significant upgrade both for photographers and videographers, as the Mark II features a 32.5MP sensor, 14 fps burst shooting, 4K video recording at 30 fps (with Dual Pixel autofocus) and 1080p at up to 120 fps. This camera is a big leap forward in the EOS M lineup and if you’re looking to invest in that ecosystem – the M6 Mark II is definitely the camera to buy (as of the time of writing this article). That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best SD cards for Canon M6 Mark II.

best sd cards canon m6 mark ii

image source: Canon / Sandisk

Best SD Memory Cards for Canon EOS M6 Mark II

The M6 Mark II has one memory card slot and is the first EOS M camera that supports UHS-II speeds. While fast UHS-II cards are not necessary for 4K video recording on this camera, we’d definitely go with it if you’re planning on shooting a lot of photos in continuous mode, due to fast burst rates and the 32.5MP sensor. This means that although UHS-II are suggested, UHS-I cards should be fine for some people as well. Here are our recommended SD cards for the EOS M6 Mark II.

UHS-II cards (ranked by write speed):

UHS-I cards (ranked by write speed):

Recommended SD Cards for 4K Video on Canon M6 II

Like we previously mentioned, Canon M6 Mark II can record 4K video at 30 fps and 1080p at up to 120 fps, but the codec isn’t too demanding. This means that both UHS-II, as well as UHS-I cards from our list, will handle video recording on this camera without any issues.


Canon used to be behind other manufacturers in the APS-C mirrorless realm, such as Sony and Fuji. However, this has definitely changed with the release of M6 Mark II, because this camera sports very modern features, and is one of the best choices on the market right now. We hope this article helped you find the right memory card for your EOS M6 Mark II.