Best Landscape Lens for Sony E-Mount Mirrorless Cameras

If you’re looking for the best landscape lens for Sony APS-C mirrorless cameras with E-mount (Sony A6600, A6500, A6400, A6300, A6100, A6000 etc.), you’re at the right spot. These are our favorites:

Best Choice – Sony E 10-18mm f/4 OSS

sony 10-18mm best landscape lens emount

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This lens is truly an amazing choice if you shoot a lot of landscapes (also works well for real estate photography). Not only does it give you an incredibly wide field of view (it is a 15-27mm full-frame equivalent lens), but it’s also pretty sharp and extremely lightweight. It weighs just 7.94 oz (225 grams), making it one of the lightest APS-C zoom lenses that go this wide!

While Sony E 10-18mm doesn’t feature a very bright maximum aperture (f/4), it doesn’t matter much since most landscape shots are taken at even lower apertures. The lens features optical image stabilization (OSS), which certainly helps when shooting at slower shutter speeds. It also helps stabilize footage when you’re shooting video, making it a decent vlogging lens as well. If you need to go super wide on your Sony APS-C camera, this lens is your best bet and it definitely won’t weigh you down!

Option #2 – Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN

sigma 16mm best landscape sony emount cameras

image source: Sigma

In case you like shooting wide (but not extremely wide), this prime lens is a very good choice. This 24mm-equivalent lens is a bit on the heavier side (it weighs 14.29 oz or 504 grams), but it’s extremely sharp. Of course, its f/1.4 maximum aperture will be of great help when shooting in low-light conditions, especially handheld. Not only is this a great landscape, astrophotography and travel lens, but thanks to the bright f/1.4 aperture you can also do some environmental portraits as well. If you get close enough, your subject will be isolated from the background. The bokeh is nice and circular, as you’d expect from a high-quality Sigma lens.

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