Best Budget Macro Lens for Fuji X Mirrorless Cameras

If you’re searching for the best budget macro lens for Fuji X cameras (Fujifilm X-T3, X-T30, X-H1 etc.), you’re at the right spot. There aren’t extremely cheap macro lenses for Fuji camera, but this is the most affordable one you can get:

Best Choice – Fujifilm XF 60mm f/2.4 R Macro

xf 60mm best budget macro lens fuji

image source: Fujifilm

The XF 60mm f/2.4 R Macro is a 91mm equivalent lens (in full-frame terms) for Fuji X cameras. It offers a maximum magnification of 0.5x at the closest focusing distance. This means it isn’t a true 1:1 macro lens, but it’ll still do the trick and allow you to take close-up shots of tiny subjects.

This is a sharp lens with a slightly older design, so it may not be as amazing or as fast-focusing (especially in low-light conditions) as the impressive XF 80mm f/2.8. However, it is still a great choice because it’s more affordable, smaller and lighter. Finally, the bokeh is quite pleasing and smooth thanks to the lens’ rounded 9-bladed aperture.

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