Best Action/Wildlife Lens for Nikon Z Mirrorless Cameras

If you’re looking for the best action/wildlife lens for Nikon Z mirrorless cameras (Nikon Z6, Z7 etc.), you’re at the right spot. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of choices right now but we’ll make sure to update this article as Nikon releases new lenses. Here’s our favorite option at the moment:

Best Choice – Nikon Z 70-200mm f/2.8 VR S

best action sports lens nikon z 70-200mm f2.8

image source: Nikon

Fast telephoto zoom lenses are bread and butter for action and sports photographers, and Nikon has done an incredible job with its new Nikon Z 70-200mm f/2.8 VR S lens. Just as you’d expect from a lens with this price tag, it’s tack sharp. This high-performing lens features Nikon’s Nano Crystal and ARNEO coating that help reduce ghosting and a new SR glass element, which reduces chromatic aberrations.

The minimum focusing distance on this lens is quite impressive for a 70-200mm lens – 0.5 meters on the wide end and 1 meter when you’re full zoomed in. Of course, this can help help with subject separation, along with that fast f/2.8 aperture. Speaking of subject separation, the bokeh is very smooth and pleasing.

Nikon Z cameras have good autofocus capabilities and this lens pairs well and offers quick and silent autofocus. VR in the name of the lens stands for Vibration Reduction, which means that the lens offers optical image stabilization that pairs well with in-body image stabilization found in Z6 and Z7, for example. This will allow you to achieve sharper photos at lower shutter speeds but it’ll also help when you’re shooting videos.

All things considered, this lens is an amazing choice for action and sports photographers. Even some wildlife photographers will enjoy this lens, although most should probably wait for Nikon to release a zoom lens with longer focal range.

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