Best Accessories for Fuji X-T30

Fuji X-T30 is an amazing mirrorless camera for amateur and enthusiast photographers and videographers. It has many of the features found on the more expensive X-T3, including the great 26MP sensor and excellent autofocus, but it also lacks some things like weather resistance, two UHS-II memory card slots and 4K video recording at 60 fps. However, not everyone needs these features and the X-T30 is definitely more affordable. If you just purchased a Fuji X-T30, chances are you’re going to need some additional gear for it. We decided to help out all future and current X-T30 owners with our guide on best accessories for Fuji X-T30.

best fuji xt30 accessories

image source: Fuji

Best Battery for Fuji X-T30

For power, Fuji X-T30 relies on the identical battery (Fujifilm NP-W126S) used its processor X-T20 and the X-T3. However, it does offer slightly better performance than on the X-T20 thanks to more energy efficient processor. Having said that, it is well known that these batteries don’t have huge capacity and the majority of people out there one is not going to be enough. We suggest getting at least one additional battery for your new camera.

Fujifilm Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery NP-W126S – Amazon
Fujifilm BC-W126S Battery Charger – Amazon

Screen Protectors for Fuji X-T30

Certain people are pretty decent at taking care of their camera screen, however, if you don’t belong to this group, we would suggest investing in a screen protector.

ExpertShield Glass Screen Protector – Amazon
ExpertShield Crystal Clear Screen Protector – Amazon

Best SD Memory Cards for Fuji X-T30

best memory cards fuji xt30

image source: Sandisk

If you haven’t seen our article on the best SD cards for Fuji X-T30, we suggest that you check it out. If you want the short version – this camera has only one UHS-I memory card slot, which is exactly why we suggest grabbing one or more UHS-I cards. There’s no need to get faster UHS-II cards, unless you want to future proof your purchase or consider getting an X-T3 in the future, for example. With that in mind, here’s our top choice for the X-T30.

SanDisk Extreme Pro 128 GB UHS-I U3 – Amazon

Microphones and Audio

Although not as amazing as the X-T3, we believe Fuji X-T30 is quite capable video camera. If you’re serious about videography, chances are you won’t be using the built-in microphone. Since the camera a microphone jack, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t invest in a microphone. Keep in mind that the X-T30 has a 2.5mm microphone jack, which means you’ll also need an adapter. Here are two great options:

Rode VideoMic NTG – Amazon
Rode Video Micro (small and light) – Amazon
3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter – Amazon

Best Camera Straps for Fuji X-T30

When it comes to camera straps, Peak Design is the absolute king at the moment and many photographers from all over the world use their straps. For the Fuji X-T30, we suggest going with narrower Slide Lite strap, which you can use as a sling strap, shoulder strap or neck strap. If you prefer wrist straps, Peak Design makes a great one as well.

Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap (black) – Amazon
Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap (ash/gray) – Amazon
Peak Design Cuff Camera Wrist Strap – Amazon

Best Camera Bags for Fuji X-T30

best backpacks fuji xt30 peak design

image source: Peak Design

Our favorite camera bags come from two companies – Peak Design and Manfrotto. If you have more money to spare, we definitely suggest going with a Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2, due to the quality of materials used and general usability. There are two versions of this bag – 20L and 30L. Since the X-T30 is a relatively small camera and most Fuji lenses are equally small, we believe the best choice for most people is the 20L version, but this also depends on the rest of the gear you want to carry.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2 20L (smaller version) – Amazon
Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2 30L (bigger) – Amazon

Another great backpack that we’d suggest is Manfrotto Advanced² Backpack. Once more, there are two versions of this bag, one bigger and one smaller. The build quality is solid, although this backpack offers less space for your gear than the Peak Design Everyday Backpack. However, it is definitely much more affordable.

Manfrotto MB MA2-BP-A Advanced² Backpack – Amazon

Finally, if don’t like backpacks or you’re just going to carry your Fuji X-T30 with one or two smaller lenses, perhaps a small sling bag like the Peak Design Everyday Sling 5L might be the best option for you.

Peak Design Everyday Sling 5L – Amazon

Best Tripods for Fuji X-T30

Since the X-T30 is so light and portable it makes sense to pair it with some of the lightest tripods on the market, and these are two of our favorites:

Manfrotto Befree Advanced Travel Tripod with Ball Head – Amazon
Sirui T-005X Aluminum Tripod with C-10S Ball Head – Amazon

If regular tripods are too big for you, you can also opt for one of these two tiny tripods that you can carry around pretty much anywhere:

JOBY GorillaPod 3K – Amazon
Pedco UltraPod – Amazon

Cleaning Accessories

Small accessories like lens wipes or air blowers should be in the bag of every photographer or videographer. In case you don’t have one of these essentials, we suggest you get them now, because you’ll need them sooner rather than later.

Giottos Medium Rocket Air Blaster – Amazon
Zeiss Lens Cleaning Wipes – Amazon


Hopefully, our guide helped you find some useful Fuji X-T30 accessories. Now go out and start shooting!