2019 Mirrorless Camera Sales – Sony Still Top!

Nikkei recently shared the 2019 worldwide camera market sales data. Unsurprisingly, Sony takes the lead when it comes to mirrorless cameras but Canon continues to dominate the entire interchangeable lens camera market.

sony a7c front

The newly released Sony A7C / image source: Sony

It also appears that Canon sold much more DSLRs than mirrorless cameras, but this number will likely change thanks to new releases like the EOS R5 and R6. Nikon didn’t manage to grab a large market share in the mirrorless sector but their new entry level Nikon Z5 should help them increase those numbers. Alright, let’s take a look at the unit sales:

Mirrorless camera sales in 2019:

  1. Sony – 1,650,000 million units
  2. Canon – 940,000 units
  3. Fujifilm – 500,000 units
  4. Olympus – 330,000 units
  5. Nikon – 280,000 units
  6. Other manufacturers – 240,000 units

Interchangeable lens camera sales in 2019:

  1. Canon – 4,160,000 million units
  2. Nikon – 1,730,000 million units
  3. Sony – 1,666,000 million units
  4. Fujifilm – 500,000 units
  5. Olympus – 330,000 units
  6. Other manufacturers – 280,000 units

We expect that the results for 2020 will be much worse, as camera sales suffered quite a bit in the first part of 2020 due to global pandemic. However, we’ve had a lot of camera launches in the last few months and it appears that sales are picking up again!